It’s been 4 years since I was privileged enough to have met Betty & Miriam at my very first SOAR workshop. To say it was a pivotal day in my career is an understatement. That day I met the most amazing group of talented, caring supportive female leaders in business. Over the course of the programme I learned more about myself as a leader than I could have imagined. The programme gave me real purpose and solidified my ambition to succeed. It was such a safe space to be honest, creative and not to be afraid to be ambitious and driven. The SOAR Programme was a real catalyst for me in so many ways and I wouldn’t be where I am now without having met these wonderful ladies. 

Aimee Barrett, Director, Commercial Partnerships & SME, BOI Payment Acceptance a division of Global Payments Inc.

If I were to use one word to describe the SOAR Leadership Programme I think it would be outstanding! I enjoyed every minute of it and learned so much along the way. I can’t thank the Mojo for Leaders Team enough for the passion they infused throughout the group workshops and the 1:1 coaching sessions. After each day spent with a wonderful group of leaders, you would get this sense of learning saturation which I think can only be a good thing. I found the whole experience so insightful and at the end of it I have come away with a better sense of my leadership style, how to use my strengths to bring positive outcomes to my organisation and a clear understanding of my leadership intention. It was certainly a journey of exploration and it was a complete pleasure to travel with Betty, Miriam and my fellow SOAR participants along that journey. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Marguerite Leen, Vice President, People & Quality at Kemp

I have just completed the SOAR Leadership Programme and it has been one of the single best learnings I have experienced in my career.  The programme does truly equip you to soar as a leader by helping you understand what your personal leadership purpose is and how to best use your leadership to achieve this. I was able to put into practice all my learnings from the programme and started even before the programme had finished as an opportunity arose in a new role which I was then recruited for. Having additional 1:1 coaching sessions outside the core programme helps you practice learnings and brings the programme to life on a daily basis.

Sinead Briscoe, Foundation Medicine Transformation Lead at Roche

The SOAR leadership programme has been an inspiration to my Leadership journey. I have attended multiple Corporate development programmes over many years however this programme is the only one that has allowed me to explore and comprehend my personal style in detail by being comfortable with vulnerability and digging deep to accept who I really am and what leadership truly means for me. The time between sessions and the individual Coaching slots allowed for some profound reflection to better prepare for the following group session. Betty and Miriam are a unique and diverse team who understand business dynamics as they bring their own professional experiences to the table. This program has also enabled me to be part of a larger local network of fellow leaders in the Cork area which means that the experience continues even after the last session, this is a remarkable opportunity. Thank you to the Mojo leaders for leading us through this journey and for being so flexible with our changing schedules and thank you to my fellow SOARees for such an insightful experience.

Catherine Healy, Vice President Product Management at DePuy Synthes

​”The SOAR Women’s Leadership Program is a refreshing approach to Leadership Development. Having participated in various leadership programs, this one has been a unique experience in terms of the approach and style of the facilitators, Betty and Miriam. The program is tailored to me as an individual, as well as the broader team. The interactive sessions, open discussion and opportunity to reflect is key. This is a differentiator for me. We had an intimate group, with varying life and career experience, which brings balance to the group. This is a newly formed trusted Network for me that I plan to maintain post-program. The program has challenged me and taken me outside of my comfort zone.

Christine O’Keeffe, Director Scheduling and Account Services at Dell

On starting the SOAR Programme, I must admit I was feeling a little apprehensive about sharing open information about myself and what I regarded as my personal weaknesses. However, from the outset, a safe environment was established by the Leaders which encouraged but did not pressurise anyone into expressing openly what was on their minds.  Now four modules later into the programme, I feel more comfortable and confident and enjoying the ‘feedforward’ being received.  For those of you lacking confidence in your convictions around what you are trying to achieve, I’d recommend participation in this programme as it helps you to see things from various perspectives while at the same time helping you on a self-learning journey to reach that Goal.  It’s design thinking which stretches the individual to think differently.  The tailored 1-1 mentoring challenges you to help you reach your desired outcome.

Sile Healy, HR Manager IE/NL, Logitech

The SOAR Leadership Development Program has a unique and exciting design which aims to take participants to the next level of their leadership journey in a small group, supportive and creative environment. It was my privilege to recently attend and I can testify that I was taken out of my comfort zone but into a safe space which facilitated moving my leadership mastery to the next level.  The journey enabled me to strategically map my next steps knowing that I had found the right areas of focus through the defining of my leadership style and how this impacted in the overall dynamic of my leadership relationships with colleagues. The programme helped me clearly target areas of focus and better understand my leadership mission.  This exploring of leadership preferences helped me to better define my next steps.

Personally, this leadership ‘retreat’ came at a time in my career where I benefitted from being able to plan strategically my next career steps with confidence. The programme certainly helped me be the best that I can be and gave me the space to make thoughtful and impactful strategic plans. I would highly recommend this programme to newly appointed leaders, experienced leaders and leaders who are going through a period of change.

Deirdre Power, Senior Quality Manager

I have just completed the SOAR programme and can honestly say it has been one of the most unique, powerful and insightful learning and development experiences of my life. Miriam and Betty have created something truly special in this programme which, through a journey of increased self-awareness and close collaboration with trusted peers, we all discovered the paradox of vulnerability and power that makes truly authentic leaders. I am looking forward to continuing to lean on and learn from a network of inspiring leaders through the monthly Mojo MeetUps. I would highly recommend this programme for those looking for something very different but highly practical, impactful and empowering.

Niamh O’Driscoll, Managing Partner, Fastnet – The Talent Group

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to recently complete the SOAR programme with an amazing group of female Leaders. This Leadership programme is unlike any other you will find. It provides a safe space, away from the workplace, to really challenge yourself to take that next important step. I got a much greater appreciation of the fact that leadership is all about relationships and the importance of developing the skills to forge strong connections. One of the real advantages for me is that it enabled me to create a strong peer support network of fellow female leaders and I feel having completed this journey with them we will continue to provide that support to each other wherever life takes us.

CEO, State Company

I highly recommend the SOAR leadership development course. The carefully curated content and 1 to 1 coaching gave me a fresh perspective on my leadership purpose and intention. The course offers an opportunity to reflect on your strengths and achievements and explores what development is required to bring you to the next level. Betty and Miriam are disrupters of leadership development for women, by facilitating a course that will challenge, inspire and ultimately change your thinking.

Susan O’Mahony, Executive Coach

Mojo for Leaders SOAR Leadership programme brought me on a wonderful journey this past 7 months. The unique and combined talent of Betty and Miriam in facilitating this programme expertly revealed that real flawed women who spend their energy ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’, use their power of integrating Head, Heart & Hand can achieve and maintain success in an ever-increasingly complex and fast-moving world.My 6-word memoir at the end of this journey is “Expertly nurtured, to value MY me.”. . . .a fitting testament to this remarkable experience.

Rose Hally, Regional Client Relationship Executive, Community Finance (Ireland) CLG

Mojo For Leaders and their SOAR Programme

  • A life-changing 6 months of hard work and exploration, supported by fantastic strong and motivational facilitators
  • Through the monthly workshops and monthly 1;1 mentoring, the programme allowed me to explore myself and understand that leadership is about relationships and forging towards a strong inner purpose and intention in my leadership journey

Hilda Dolan, Manager, Bank of Ireland, Limerick City and County

Yesterday I was challenged to write a 6-word memoir and I came up with “Excited to see what happens next”. I have spent the last 7 months on an incredible journey which has given me amazing insights into my preferred behaviours and leadership style. This journey was interspersed with 1:1 coaching sessions that recognised my personal and organisational context resulting in so many Eureka moments! Thank you to the phenomenal team at Mojo For Leaders, Betty O’Callaghan and Miriam O’Connell for facilitating my learning, the laughs along the way and so much more; and thank you to my fellow learners (you know who you are) for sharing this journey with me. Excited to see what happens next!

Vicky Howard, Operations Director at Reagecon Diagnostics Ltd.

MojoForLeaders is a new and unique approach to Leadership Development for Women leaders. It reaches out to women in a way that is empathic and inspiring, challenging and insightful. Through the programme, women leaders will be able to tap into a network and support structure that is not always readily available to them in their own organisation. Betty and Miriam bring a breadth and depth of insight into how organisations work and their approach is based on real-life experience as senior leaders in organisations where women leaders were in the minority. Having attended a MojoForLeaders workshop, I am recommending the programme with complete confidence that it will help women leaders be even more successful in their careers.

Jacqueline Daly, Director, Athena Quality

Mojo For Leaders fundamentally understand organisations of all sizes and have the rare ability to gain real insight into what’s needed and tailor their approach with that in mind. I find Mojo For Leaders Workshops, facilitated by Betty and Miriam, insightful and thought-provoking, achieving just the right mix of interesting ideas, tough reflective questions, collective learning – and grounded insights and actions that make a difference in the real world.

Caroline Holohan, Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Open Text

All my coaching engagements with Betty have made me feel special, valued and inspired – these are the core competencies of any top-performing coach. Betty has an innate ability to listen and pose questions that spark personal insights. Equally impressive is Betty’s ability to summarise input and play it back in a way that leaves you feeling inspired and challenged in equal measure.

Brian Cleary, Managing Director BOI Payment Acceptance Ireland & UK

Miriam is excellent at working with both individuals and teams. She is very patient and thorough with thought clarification processes and builds high levels of trust. She is an able and skilled facilitator. She is very attuned to group dynamics and is great to simplify content to achieve meaningful output for individuals and groups and she brings a strong level of business insight to her work.

Tony O’Riordan, CEO Good Shepherd Cork

Thank you Betty! For your wonderful, kind and encouraging words that you signed off with, and for all your insights and thought-provoking sessions over the past months!  I have enjoyed them immensely (and will miss them!), and I’m so happy that I am bringing all of this together now and making my change(s)

Sophia, OD Consultant