18 11, 2020

From Executive Coaching to Committed Partnerships


We’ve been using the time since the onset of Covid19 to think anew about how we bring value to our executive coaching clients. Client circumstances vary all the way from business closure/redundancies to pivoting their business to those who are experiencing significant growth and opportunity in these times. What is true for all is that change, whether planned or not, is engulfing them right now. We’ve been asking clients how we help them most and we’ve been reading current research and upskilling ourselves. And it seems to us that the coaching landscape is changing rapidly. Peter Hawkins talks about Coaching the [...]

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16 11, 2020

What’s Your Leadership Purpose? 6 Questions to Get You Thinking!


What’s the difference you’re seeking to make in the world? As you go about your daily work and life do you have an over-arching intention? A commitment that enriches your day? An intent unique and precious to you? A purpose that when you’re honouring it you feel energised, decisions come easier, you’re buzzing, you’re pumping on all cylinders? And, when things go wrong, a purpose that endures and guides you, fuelling your resilience and persistence to prevail? Usually the wording of an intention looks very simple – something like ‘To ignite creativity’ ‘To connect and reach out’ ‘To ask questions and [...]

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3 11, 2020

The Power of Core Values for Leadership


As I use this Covid19 time to ‘sharpen the saw’ as Stephen Covey exhorts us, I’m loving reading the latest edition of The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner. They’ve been researching for decades now on how to make extraordinary things happen in organisations. There’s so much talk all the time around organisational values and they’re important of course – provided that they’re real and not of the vanilla variety that we see so often accompanying organisational mission statements. What’s really bowled me over is Kouzes & Posner’s research showing the vital importance of our personal values as leaders – in [...]

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