Our SYNERGY Leadership Team Development Programme works with organisations’ leadership teams to

  • Develop their individual and collective leadership skills
  • Galvanise them around a shared sense of purpose
  • Put in place team processes that enhance their effectiveness and can be used even when the team composition changes
  • Shape them into a team that consistently creates value for their organisation and leads its people in a united, powerful manner
  • Create that SYNERGY where their collective contribution becomes so much more than the sum of what they have to offer individually

Outstanding individual leaders can be so impactful in creating success for their people and their organisations.
Outstanding leadership teams create cultures of collaboration, healthy challenge and support, focus on purpose and sustained success that transcends any one individual leader and can create organisations of leaders as opposed to organisations of followers.

Our Approach

Our SYNERGY Leadership Team Development Programme consists of 4 full-day workshops incorporating team coaching and interactive learning and 1:1 coaching for the individual leaders on the team. We draw on some of the finest thinking around leading successful organisations such as Kouzes and Posner’s “Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership“, Peter Hawkin’s “Five Disciplines of Successful Team Practice” as well as Appreciative Inquiry for leading transformational change to pull together a rich, research-based approach to becoming the outstanding leadership team that your organisation needs.
Combining practical, interactive exercises with injections of theory SYNERGY provides an accelerated learning experience grounded within the organisational context.
Before starting any SYNERGY Leadership Team Development Programme with an organisation, we meet with each individual leader on the team first to gain an understanding of their perspective and possible challenges and to ensure that they feel safe and open in engaging in the programme and that we can ensure the programme addresses any unique challenges that team may have.


SYNERGY is ideal for any leadership team who recognise that there is more that they can do, or need to do to lead their organisations to a future of sustained success. Whether you have a newly formed leadership team, a long-established team or you are a senior leader stepping up, or in, to head up a leadership team, this SYNERGY programme can help you turn your team from a group of individual managers into a high performing team of engaged leaders united around a shared purpose. Such a team can make a huge difference in delivering transformational change and growth in your organisation.


  • Create a cohesive, strong leadership team united around a shared purpose
  • Develop the individual leadership skills on the team as well as its collective leadership capacity through 1:1 and team coaching
  • Learn and apply leading-edge thinking around leadership in your organisation
  • 1:1 coaching means each individual leader gets to learn and grow to their full potential during the programme
  • Develop strong team processes that can enhance the effectiveness of the team and can still be applied regardless if the team composition changes
  • Pre-programme 1:1s carried out by Mojo For Leaders ensures that the context of your organisation and the needs of the individual team members are addressed during the programme
  • Creative, interactive, warm and friendly approach of Betty O’Callaghan and Miriam O’Connell ensures a safe space is created to learn, take risks and challenge and support each other.of
  • Effect positive change in your organisation
  • Leading-edge thinking
  • Each team member develops leadership perspective incorporating big picture thinking
  • Understand that leadership is about relationships and develop the skills to forge strong connections