SOAR 2024 Programme


In our SOAR Leadership Development Programme Mojo For Leaders supports dedicated and experienced women leaders who are ready to take a significant step up in their careers; who have a desire to amplify the impact they are making in their worlds; who recognise that what got them to this point will not get them to the next level of contribution that they dream of.

SOAR is both a catalyst for women in fulfilling their true leadership potential and a haven of support and guidance as they navigate the ever-changing complex nature of their worlds and the multiple demanding roles many of them play in their lives.

SOAR helps the woman leader to thrive in every sense as she transitions to being the type of powerful, influential and inspiring leader the world needs more of.

Our Approach

Combining practical, interactive exercises with injections of theory and leading-edge thinking, SOAR provides an accelerated learning experience – further enhanced with ELEVATE Leadership Coaching to ground your learning in your personal and organisational leadership context.
The SOAR learning space quickly becomes a safe space for participants to examine their own leadership practice, take risks with new insights and behaviours and be bold in creating a powerful vision for their own future and that of their organisations.

Reflecting the times we are now in, our  SOAR Leadership Programmes for Women is now offered in a flexible format that combines in person modules, 1:1 coaching and creative online workshops, retaining our hallmark capacity for providing interactive, very personal, fun and most of all, meaningful transformational experiences for our participants. We have carefully structured our approach to leverage the benefits that are to be had from both online and in-person workshops so that our leaders experience maximum engagement, support, learning and flexibility at the same time.  


SOAR is ideal for female leaders who want to galvanise their leadership practice, who want to step out of their comfort zone in a challenging learning environment away from their workplace and who would like to forge a strong peer support network of fellow women leaders.
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  • Overcome obstacles and fully claim your space at the leadership table
  • Fulfill your potential by becoming the powerful, influential leader you know you can be, effecting positive change in your organisation
  • Be introduced to contemporary leading edge thinking around leadership
  • Establish a strong peer support network from across industries
  • Develop a leadership perspective incorporating big picture thinking and complexity
  • Understand that leadership is about relationships and develop the skills to forge strong connections.
  • Develop political savvy and business acumen, two qualities often overlooked when providing leadership development for women
  • Take practical challenges back to your workplace and apply your learning to your own context
  • Avail of 1:1 ELEVATE coaching to optimise your own learning and leadership practice