One of the joys of coaching is discovering how uniquely and wonderfully different each of our clients is and working with them to help them express their uniqueness boldly and powerfully in the world. Paradoxically, we have discovered, that while we are all wonderfully unique, many of us share similar challenges we need to address to live our best lives. As a result, we have developed proven techniques and processes that we use time and time again to support our clients in turning these common challenges into meaningful learning and growth experiences.

FOCUS coaching offers a choice of topic-based coaching sessions that help clients overcome one of these common challenges in a single targeted 2 hour coaching intervention that can be held online or face-to-face.

Focus coaching

FOCUS coaching is available online


You can click on any of the topics to learn more or get directly in touch with us at or on 087-2399522. We always hold a clarifying phone call in advance of your FOCUS coaching session to explore what FOCUS topic will help you most.

Our values determine our behaviour. They shape who we are and what we stand for. Working in alignment with them makes us more effective, more fulfilled and more successful.
And yet, many of us are unclear as to what our own individual values really are. We think we know but may find we are operating in conflict with them. Or we may know but find ourselves in situations where we feel compelled to operate in direct contrast to what we hold dear.
This coaching session will not only help you clarify what your individual values are, it will help you explore and understand how they have been driving your behaviour to date and how you can integrate them into your life and work in the future to ensure that you feel your life and work are fulfilling and in line with your sense of purpose.
Are you your worst critic? Have you talked yourself out of doing things you dreamed about in the past? What if that voice inside your head could work with you instead of against you? What if your inner critic could become your inner coach?
This coaching session uses interactive exercises along with powerful coaching questions and techniques to lead you on a journey of getting to know and understand your inner critic – reshaping and rebalancing your relationship with your critic so it becomes your supportive coach instead.
Do you know what your intention or purpose as leader is?
The moment you realise that being a leader is different to being a manager, a whole load of philosophical questions can follow. What type of leader am I or do I want to be? What do I stand for as leader? What do I want to achieve as leader? What legacy do I want to leave as leader?
Some of these questions can have us going around in circles for years. And yet, we know that the leader who has a strong sense of purpose and what they are about can possess a groundedness, a determination and a clear sense of direction that allows them to forge ahead and achieve great things despite sometimes, seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
This coaching session guides you in determining your own unique Leadership Purpose and connecting fully with it so that it becomes your “North Star” to guide you and the “wind in your sail” to propel you forward regardless of the sea you sail in (enough of the nautical metaphors now!).
Decision Making
One of the most common issues we help our clients with through coaching is that of lack of confidence. It is an issue that affects a huge proportion of us and can hold us back from truly fulfilling our potential and thriving in our roles.
This coaching session can turn around how you feel about your own level of confidence and can leave you feeling more ready and able to take on challenges and enjoy the experience.
Are you afraid that someday you will be caught out? That the world will discover that you are not really up to the job or half as competent as you led it to believe?
Well you are not alone. Many of us suffer from this “imposter syndrome” and sometimes it is a sickly fear that we live with but continue on with our work anyway. Other times, it is so strong that it prevents us from stepping up and stepping out and taking on roles and challenges that are well within our capacity to embrace.
Whether it is the desire to get rid of the “sickly fear” or to be able to fully step into your own power and capability, this session will help reframe your thinking, shed this fear of “being found out” and fully live up to your potential.
In today’s fast-paced, and ever-demanding world, more and more of us are walking around with a constant sense of guilt or regret. Guilt maybe that we are not getting to spend more time with loved ones or regret that we are not getting to do more of the things we love in life.
Or perhaps the emotion is stress. Stress because, no matter how much we want to try to live a balanced life, the demands of the various roles that we have just won’t allow that to happen.
This coaching session will guide you through reviewing your life in a holistic manner and identifying and addressing the key areas that will enable you to gain an overall sense of control, balance and harmony.

Our Approach…

Coaching, first and foremost, is a relationship in which we collaborate with the client, developing a safe and confidential space where change, transformation, and new perspectives emerge.  We bring the skills, processes, and structures to support clients in uncovering and acting on their own wise answers.  We believe that our coaching clients are the experts in their own lives and that they have the creativity and capacity to become the powerful leaders they want to be.

We create a highly effective thinking space by asking wise and incisive questions, by listening deeply, by exploring context and perspective, by helping clients uncover and leverage strengths, by identifying assumptions, beliefs, or behaviours that may not be serving them well right now, and by challenging them to find and reach their highest potential as a powerful leader.

Our FOCUS Topic-Based Coaching approach is built around:

  • Connecting – Relationship Building, Discovering what challenge you want to address, the result you want to achieve 
  • Focusing – Getting directly to the challenge
  • Co-Creating – Building your new mindset and your new approach together
  • Closing – Agreeing  your next steps and your new way forward

Who FOCUS Coaching is for…

FOCUS Topic-Based Coaching is for the individual leader who is faced with one of the many common challenges or issues that we have identified above and wants to resolve it quickly through targeted supportive and expert coaching. It can also be a great option if you are new to coaching and want to ease your way into a more in-depth coaching programme.


  • A single two hour coaching session speedily targets challenges many of us encounter
  • Remove a block to you achieving your full potential
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Leverage the expertise of skilled, experienced coaches
  • A catalyst for learning, action, and self-accountability
  • Increase self-insight, self-confidence, and self-belief