MOJO FOR LEADERS supports organisations that are committed to developing powerful leaders. Our ELEVATE One-to-One Leadership & Executive Coaching is designed for leaders, executives and professionals who are already successful, yet experiencing challenges such as taking on a new role, preparing for a major project or presentation, leading or experiencing change, or preparing for and stepping up to the next level. People in these situations frequently experience a sense of isolation and may not have access to a confidential and independent sounding board to sharpen and clarify their thinking.

ELEVATE One-to-One Leadership & Executive Coaching supports you in developing the perspective, courage and conviction to step up and stand out, to connect authentically with people, to think and act strategically, and to navigate your way in more complex roles involving multiple stakeholders.

ELEVATE coaching takes place online, via video call or face to face and you can choose either Betty or Miriam as your coach

Our Approach

Coaching, first and foremost, is a relationship in which we collaborate with the client, developing a safe and confidential space where change, transformation, and new perspectives emerge. We bring the skills, processes, and structures to support clients in uncovering and acting on their own wise answers. We believe that our coaching clients are the experts in their own lives and that they have the creativity and capacity to become the powerful leaders they want to be.

We create a highly effective thinking space by asking wise and incisive questions, by listening deeply, by exploring context and perspective, by helping clients uncover and leverage strengths, by identifying assumptions, beliefs, or behaviours that may not be serving them well right now, and by challenging them to find and reach their highest potential as a powerful leader.

Our ELEVATE Leadership Coaching approach is built around:

  • Stepping In – Relationship Building, Strengths, Skills, Values
  • Looking Deeper – Personality Profile, Motivation, Intentions, Behaviours
  • Stepping Out – Stakeholders, Networking, Brand, Energy Patterns
  • Stepping Up – Interpersonal Style (yourself and others), Powerful Conversations, 360 feedback
  • Standing Out – Strategic Perspective, Self Belief and Sustaining growth

Who ELEVATE Coaching is for…

ELEVATE One-to-One Leadership & Executive Coaching is for the individual who wants to take their performance to the next level and be the best, most powerful, leader they can be.  Whether you’re a newly appointed or long established leader or you have a particular leadership challenge you want to overcome ELEVATE will help you thrive both personally and in your leadership role.


  • Effective change management and business improvement
  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • Develop or enhance your leadership perspective
  • Overcome obstacles and fully claim space at the leadership table
  • A most valued aspect of Talent Development Programmes
  • Set New Leaders on the road to success
  • A catalyst for learning, action, and self-accountability
  • Self-insight, self-confidence, and self-belief
  • Political savvy and effective networking