Diversity and Inclusion are not only about gender and race. It is about truly embracing how each of us shows up and expresses ourselves. It is about finding ways for the introverted thinker to be heard as much as the extrovert, for the non-sporty person to be included in the circle as the sporty person, for the non-techie to have a voice at the table as much as the techie. It is about who we let in the door of the organisation and how we involve them once they are in.

There are many ways an organisation needs to consciously address diversity and inclusion and one of those ways is to support their staff members in feeling that it is okay for them to stand out and flourish as who they really are in their work without fear of “paying a price” for it. That is where Mojo For Leaders comes in.

How can each of us find our way to shine as our best selves in our organisation? Not as the generic version of ourselves that we may feel we need to be in order to be accepted and successful but as the unique, magical being that we are meant to be. If we can find our connection with our own sense of purpose and marry that with our skills and gifts and find the courage to stand out and make a mark on the world, then we give permission to others to do the same. Once one of us shows the way, others know how to step out and be their true, best selves too. Courage, after all, is contagious!

Mojo For Leaders has been running a variety of inspirational and interactive workshops with clients for a number of years now that inspire and motivate the individual to connect with their passion, take ownership of their careers and stand out and shine as their true selves, making their uniqueness something to treasure rather than suppress. Each of our workshops lasts half a day and can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. Check out some of our topics here.

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