Mojo For Leaders can help your organisation achieve outstanding success by maximising the potential and creativity of your current and future leaders. We support your talent management and succession planning by offering you all of the great, unique qualities of a Mojo For Leaders Development or Coaching Programme tailored to incorporate your organisational context, challenging and helping your leaders step out of their comfort zone to powerfully build, sustain and lead a high performing and engaged workforce.

Our Approach

We do this by working in partnership with you to design in-house leadership development and/or coaching programme that:

  • Is tailored to the specific development needs of your organisation’s current and future leaders
  • Takes into account and works with your organisation’s current context
  • Weaves your organisation’s values into its content and delivery
  • Focuses on leading to achieve your organisation’s specific goals
  • Uses proven leading-edge thinking and tools


We advise and collaborate with you on the scope of your programme. We design an intervention to facilitate an individual, a small group of select leaders, leaders at a particular level (e.g. senior-level or middle management), or an organisation-wide approach. You may decide to run a programme in conjunction with a key change project in the organisation or you may decide to run it as part of a broader initiative to boost performance and engagement. You get to decide the parameters but of course, we will be available to offer our expertise to help you make the best decisions where appropriate.


  • Leverage your leaders’ strengths fully in service of your organisation’s goals
  • Accelerated development of potential successors for key roles
  • Fully engaged, motivated and high performing workforce
  • Creativity, innovation, and wisdom coming to the fore every day
  • Your own unique blend of leadership that is right for your organisation combined with the latest leading-edge thinking in what it takes to be a powerful leader
  • Your organisation stands out from the crowd for the right reasons
  • You decide the timescale and the scope of the programme