Let’s chat about something that’s a game-changer in the leadership world—your personal power. But we’re not just talking about any kind of power; we’re diving into the concept of Mojo, as defined by Marshall Goldsmith in his brilliant book ‘Mojo’.

‘Mojo is that positive spirit toward what you are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside.’

We love this definition that inspired us to name our business Mojo For Leaders.

Why Mojo?

When you’ve got your Mojo working, you’re firing from all cylinders. You are competent, confident, effective and you are really enjoying what you are doing. You are stretched but not stressed or overwhelmed. You are ‘in flow’. You are happy and thriving and you are in the moment.

What’s more Mojo is contagious!

Think of Mojo as your leadership superpower. It’s what makes you more than just a boss—it makes you someone people want to follow. When you’ve got Mojo, you’re not just going through the motions; you’re leading with purpose, passion, and a positive attitude.

Mojo starts with knowing yourself, taking the time to reflect: What makes you tick? What are your passions? What is the unique difference you want to make as leader? What are your values and how do you bring these to life in your leadership? When you’re self-aware, you’re in tune with your inner rhythm, and that’s when your Mojo starts to shine.

Authenticity is your Mojo’s best friend. It’s about being genuine and true to yourself – both your current self and the future self you know you can become. When you’re authentic, people can feel it. They trust you, and that trust is the foundation of great leadership.  Even more importantly, you can trust yourself, the foundation stone for confidence.

Your personal power is like a spark that can light a fire in others. When your inner light is ignited – your Mojo – it shines out and inspires, motivates, and brings out the best in your organisation and in the people you lead.

Tell people what’s important to you – model the way showing all you interact with what’s possible when they tap into their own Mojo.

How to connect to your Personal Power – your Mojo

So, what’s the secret to connecting with your personal power? It’s simple: find your Mojo and let it shine.

We find the most potent way to connect with your Mojo can be through embodiment work – connecting not just with your brain (head, intellect) but with your heart and gut as well, and aligning all three – stepping into your Mojo – into your Power. Participants on our SOAR Leadership Programme often experience an inner shift in their felt sense of being a leader, of stepping into their power as leaders, through doing this work with us.

So, be the leader who’s not afraid to be yourself, who’s resilient, influential, and always learning. That’s how you create a legacy that’s not just about success, but about making a real, positive difference.

Remember, your Mojo is your unique brand of leadership magic. It’s what makes you you! So go ahead, embrace it, share it, and watch the amazing things that happen when you do.

If you sense there’s more to achieve, new levels of thinking and connection with your personal power, your Mojo, you can explore, if you desire to elevate your leadership and magnify your impact, and soar, then we invite you to reach out to us at info@Mojoforleaders.com and discover how our ELEVATE coaching or our SOAR Leadership Programme can empower and support you as you embark on a journey of growth, fulfilment, and transformation. We’ll be delighted to help you.