From coaching to partnershipWe’ve been thinking anew about how we bring value to our executive coaching clients.

Client circumstances vary all the way from business closure/redundancies to pivoting their business to those who are experiencing significant growth and opportunity in these times.

What is true for all is that change, whether planned or not, is engulfing them right now.

We’ve been asking clients how we help them most and we’ve been reading current research and upskilling ourselves.

And it seems to us that the coaching landscape is changing rapidly.

Peter Hawkins talks about Coaching the System from Multiple Perspectives


Another theme coming through is around the interdependent nature of our lives and looking to support the individual leader within their Multiple Contexts

To be strongly grounded as leaders in this complex, global, shifting world, leaders need to

  • Reflect
  • Tap into their intuition/guts
  • Set purpose around personal leadership commitments and honouring personal values.
  • And so much more!

Book cover 'The Future of Coaching'Hetty Einzig of the Association For Coaching has published a fantastic book, ‘The Future of Coaching’.  She argues in favour of committed partnerships’ to create legacies that both the coaching client and the coach can take pride in.

We love these developments and we have woven them into how we support our leaders.

We’re convinced that what our clients value most goes beyond pure coaching. They’re looking for Thinking Partners who are genuinely invested in the best possible outcomes for them personally and for their organisations. Thinking partners who are willing to bring the powerful questions and thinking processes that are part and parcel of coaching.  Thinking partners who also to bring their expertise, experience and insights.

Our clients’ time is precious.  You want to know that whether we spend 15 minutes or a half day with you, you will leave energised, knowing you’ve experienced excellent value for time invested.

Our clients want to work with enduring trusted partners. You want to build deep respectful value filled professional relationships that help you navigate in your complex worlds.

So, like so many of our clients who are standing back and reassessing where their business is going, we’re pivoting our business to include our PLATINUM Thinking Partnership. Here we partner with our client, and provide unlimited personal access to our leadership consultancy menu including our CLARITY Thinking Sessions, our CLARIFY & CONTRACT Team Workshops and our Decision Making Session as the need arises.

Exciting times!