Mojo For Leaders Support During Covid19

Here at Mojo For Leaders, we have never stopped being there for our clients and leaders and Covid19 has not changed that. We have wrapped our arms around technology to connect with our clients and provide real time, targeted support for leaders where they need it and how they need it.
Here are the online offerings that you can avail of today…

*As the country re-opens we are delighted to have relaunched our SOAR Leadership Programmes for Women in an exciting new format combining creative online workshops and 1:1 coaching while retaining our hallmark capacity for providing interactive, very personal, fun and most of all, meaningful transformational experiences for our participants. By blending our approach, we are flexibly responding to changing Covid19 advice while continuing to deliver our SOAR programme to more amazing women leaders, whose powerful contributions to their organisations, communities and the world are needed now more than ever.