Mojo For Leaders Support During Covid19

Here at Mojo For Leaders, we have never stopped being there for our clients and leaders and Covid19 has not changed that. While we have not been able to offer our usual, rich and comprehensive face-to-face support, we have wrapped our arms around technology and have started to use that to help us connect with our clients and provide real time, targeted support for leaders where they need it and how they need it.
Here are the online offerings that you can avail of today…

As the country re-opens and it gets more possible to meet in person again, we are preparing to bring back our face-to-face offerings to you. In particular, we are planning to relaunch our SOAR Leadership Programmes for Women in the autumn when we feel confident that we will still be able to offer the same transformational learning experience to you and keep you and all involved safe at the same time.

If you are interested in learning about any of the above offerings, or just want to have a conversation about support you need call Miriam on 087-2399522 or email