Our PLATINUM Thinking Partnership is designed for the busy CEO or senior leader who needs to operate with clarity, decisiveness and conviction while being responsive to the ever-changing complex environments we operate in and holding true to their values and what they stand for. PLATINUM is focused on helping the leader be highly effective, consistently creating and delivering value for their organisation. PLATINUM provides on-demand targeted support as the leader requires it while protecting their most valued commodity, time.

Our PLATINUM Thinking Partnership includes immediate access to Betty and Miriam, who are skilled, trusted, sensitive, challenging, insightful, credible, and respectful of boundaries. As a PLATINUM client, you can draw from our leadership consultancy offerings including our CLARITY Thinking Sessions,  CLARIFY & CONTRACT Team Workshops and Decision Making Sessions as the need arises. You have the facility to avail of anything from a 15-minute support phone call to a half-day intervention, as you require it, without having to sign up to a fixed programme or structured intervention in advance. This is all about giving you the best possible quality, flexibility, and value for your time.

Our Approach

PLATINUM Thinking Partnership is a very personal service and as such, an extensive discovery process is undertaken between Mojo For Leaders and the client.
Once all are ready to embark on the PLATINUM Thinking Partnership journey a tailored partnership agreement is drawn up that is specific to each client clarifying how we will work together so that communication is clear, interactions are seamless and the leader is 100% confident that this service is designed to fully meet their needs and knows how to leverage it when needed.


PLATINUM is ideal for the busy CEO or senior leader who needs to 

  • Operate with clarity, decisiveness and conviction as they navigate through ever-changing complex environments
  • Show up consistently sharp and engaged while leading their organisation with strategic awareness, political savvy, tactical astuteness and strong personal values. 
  • Provide increasingly flexible, responsive, grounded and energised leadership
  • Have flexible access to coaching and team facilitations.

If you increasingly find that time and thinking space are your most valuable assets then signing up for the PLATINUM Thinking Partnership will provide you with the support and space to truly thrive and deliver value in your role.


  • Timely support and interventions from a 15 minute phone call to a half-day workshop
  • Lead with conviction, supported in aligning your actions, values and intent as leaders
  • Create robust, visionary, actionable strategies/outcomes incorporating strategic and tactical thinking around critical projects or transformational endeavours
  • Test your strategies from multiple perspectives, including potential pitfalls and preparedness for unprecedented success 
  • Support for engaging and aligning your team around a shared purpose and strategy and speaking with ‘one voice’ to stakeholders
  • Achieve clarity in a complex world, generating the energy and will to take the next steps confidently
  • Effective support around decision making via incisive coaching
  • All leaders experience tough moments of self-doubt or flagging motivation and need a trusted ally to test thinking or to download every so often – PLATINUM provides this ultimate safe space as and when it is needed
  • Have flexible access to the experience, skill, research and leading edge thinking of two trusted, credible and savvy consultant/coaches/facilitators.