Our CLARITY Facilitated Online Strategic Thinking Sessions are designed to support either individual leaders or teams gain clarity around crucial decisions, strategies they want to create or plans of actions they want to roll out – in a safe, confidential, challenging and supportive environment.
The CLARITY process combines a carefully designed structure with the skilful questioning and guidance of two experienced leadership coaches, stepping the participants through a journey of clarifying the end outcome they are seeking, while ensuring they are leveraging all strengths, options and relationships available to them. We also help them sense check any decisions from the perspectives of all key stakeholders. This opportunity to test their thinking around critical issues before involving other stakeholders is a luxury many leaders crave and can ensure a smoother road to success on major endeavours. Leaders have reported feeling energised, invigorated, grounded and clear about their next steps after engaging in a Mojo For Leaders CLARITY session.

Our Approach

  • Discovery Session in advance to understand client’s context and objectives 
  • Best-in-class facilitation processes to aid creativity and innovative, collaborative thinking
  • Skilled Coaching questions to challenge assumptions, biases and limiting beliefs – and to nurture confidence, courage, and mobilisation
  • Robust, actionable outcomes that feel right at a head, heart and gut level
  • CLARITY content Harvest and follow up support call provided after session
  • Betty  and Miriam working with you throughout, contributing our own business, organisational and life experience.


CLARITY is ideal when the stakes are high and you feel the need to create a clear vision or road test your thinking. CLARITY is for

  • Individual leaders who need to carve a clear path forward either personally or in an organisational context 
  • Teams, especially those working remotely, who need to align around a shared purpose and collaborate to create an effective strategy.


  • Enhanced strategy creation and strategic thinking
  • Effective decision making supported by incisive coaching and robust challenge
  • Create more robust, visionary, actionable strategies/outcomes
  • Achieve clarity and mobilise to take the next steps confidently
  • Engage all voices in a team in collaborating around key strategic or operational decisions, accelerating agreement and shared understanding
  • Have your team aligned around a shared purpose and strategy and speaking with ‘one voice’ to stakeholders
  • Model a process for the team to collaborate and work together in the future.