Our CLARIFY & CONTRACT Online Team Workshops facilitate a leader and their team in quickly reaching shared understandings of their expectations and needs of each other and commit to how they are going to work together. This session accelerates the team into high-performance mode and sets the foundation for healthy team dynamics that will serve it well through challenges and times of celebration.
The CLARIFY & CONTRACT workshops run over a half-day and are designed so that they model healthy dialogue and collaboration for the team and produce a ‘contract’ for working together that each member of the team is happy to sign up to.

Our Approach

  • Discovery Session with team leader in advance to understand context and objectives
  • Best-in-class facilitated conversation that guides participants through the process of sharing and grounding their expectations and commitments, incorporating agreement on mechanisms for follow through
  • CLARIFY & CONTRACT outputs Harvest and follow up support call provided after session
  •  Betty and Miriam work with you throughout, creating an environment of mutual trust and respect so that individuals engage with each other openly and honestly.


CLARIFY & CONTRACT workshops are ideal at points of change where getting in to high-performance mode quickly is vital.

  • Newly formed teams
  • New leader appointed
  • New team member or members have joined or members have left
  • Changed team context e.g. working remotely
  • New / substantial project
  • Where there is currently misalignment about how to work together


  • Clear expectations are set between the team leader and the team and within the team itself for how they are going to work together
  • A solid foundation is laid for on-going healthy team dynamics
  • The journey time to becoming a high performing team is shortened considerably
  • Processes are in place for how to deal with challenges, disagreements, accountability as well as appreciation and celebration
  • All team members feel included and listened to from the start
  • Assumptions are replaced with shared understandings
  • The seeds are sown for the magic ingredient of teamwork, SYNERGY.