2 03, 2021

Collaborative Overload?


According to Harvard Business Review, managers and employees are spending 50% more time in collaborative activities (virtual and face to face meetings, phone calls, e-mail) compared with 20 years ago. While collaboration and information sharing are vital in today’s interconnected world, it is important to ask if all of this collaboration is adding value. Collaborative activities account for up to 80% of some employees’ time – is the remaining 20% sufficient time to allocate to critical work they are personally responsible for delivering? When there is over-reliance on collaboration, the ‘best’ collaborators may get sucked into an energy sapping vortex of [...]

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25 01, 2021

First, Make Sure You’re a Team, Then Set Yourselves Up for Success


‘We’re all in this together’ is a common slogan around Covid19 and I’ve seen it previously used referring to the economy, the environment, climate change and so on.  It’s put me thinking about the workplace and what ‘we’re all in this together’ means in the work context. For many ‘we’re all in this together’ is seen as synonymous with a call to teamwork.  Indeed we hear so much about teamwork and collaboration and the benefits accruing to organisations that get this right.  A quick check in the Harvard Business Review site yields 2,448 results - undoubtedly there are real benefits - [...]

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16 11, 2020

What’s Your Leadership Purpose? 6 Questions to Get You Thinking!


What’s the difference you’re seeking to make in the world? As you go about your daily work and life do you have an over-arching intention? A commitment that enriches your day? An intent unique and precious to you? A purpose that when you’re honouring it you feel energised, decisions come easier, you’re buzzing, you’re pumping on all cylinders? And, when things go wrong, a purpose that endures and guides you, fuelling your resilience and persistence to prevail? Usually the wording of an intention looks very simple – something like ‘To ignite creativity’ ‘To connect and reach out’ ‘To ask questions and [...]

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