About Miriam O'Connell

Miriam is a skilled coach and facilitator with over 30 years’ experience in business. Her passion is to help create more successful, sustainable and happier organisations. Her belief is that the path to doing this is through powerful, effective leadership. Miriam focuses on helping leaders develop their self-awareness, cultivate better relationships with their people and learn effective leadership behaviours and practices.
16 03, 2018

International Women’s Day


To mark International Women’s Day 2018, we at Mojo For Leaders have combined our years of experience, training and research and our work with some amazing, inspirational female leaders to put together what we feel are the most valuable lessons in leadership for women. Here goes. You have power. Don’t be afraid of your power. Don’t be afraid of your vulnerability. Showing up fully owning both will make you a true force for positive change! Make friends with your internal critic! She(he) is there to serve a purpose. Understand that purpose and don’t let their voice drown out the  other positive, [...]

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31 05, 2017

Leadership and Beyond


I was very fortunate to attend IMI & UCC’s Masterclass Series last week where Manfred Kets de Vries shared his thoughts and research on Leadership.  He immediately sparked my interest with his term the “authentizotic” organisation which in his words is an organisation where “people find meaning in and are captivated by their work”.  With this principle in mind what is the role of the leader and how do they create and build these types of organisations? Therein started a journey of exploration of the psychology of people and our “inner theatres”.  What is our “inner theatre” and what influences [...]

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18 04, 2017

Mojo For Leaders Top Recommended Reads for Leadership


We've been asked to share our top 5 recommended reads for leadership but I am afraid we could only cut down our list as far as 6! Here are our 6 - we would love to hear what yours are.... 1. The Answer to How is Yes- Acting on What Matters by Peter Block. People keep asking ""How?"" as a defence against living their life, says best-selling author Peter Block. In this witty, insightful award-winning book, Block shows that many standard solutions and improvement efforts, reinforced by most of the literature, keep people paralyzed. Here he places the ""how to"" craze [...]

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